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Career Development Workshops for MBA & Masters Students that focus on Business Acumen, Confidence & Transferrable Skills


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Career Development Workshops

Think Business 360's career development workshops are designed to enhance participants' business acumen, confidence, and transferrable skills, enabling them to excel as standout job candidates.



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Think Like a CEO
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High-Level Summary

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Njeri W.

"This workshop was worth the tuition alone!"

"The Business 360 Framework's concise, organized layout was the most valuable takeaway. I also found walking us through the real world example of Netflix from analysis of problem all the way to the final pitch to the Board of Directors demonstrated in action the 360 approach to thinking like a CEO."

Hi Everyone, I'm Rushab


My Graduate School workshops are carefully designed to enhance participants' business acumen, confidence, and transferrable skills, enabling them to excel as standout job candidates, and executive minded professionals.

For more than a decade, I have delivered these workshops to global MBA and Masters programs, equipping students with strategies and frameworks to develop the strengths necessary to secure coveted job opportunities.

Let me show you how my workshops can elevate your student's chances of landing a dream job.

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Danielle Glynn-Kavanagh

Senior Director - University of San Francisco

"I met Rushab a few years back after listening to his session at MBA CSEA and his insights instantly connected with me on how our students need to start thinking big picture when preparing for interviews. His framework is the model we try to use but now he comes yearly to USF to actually assist students with the tools on how to directly impact their employment outcomes."

Workshop # 1

Business Acumen: Think Like A CEO

In this session, students will explore The Business 360 Framework™, a comprehensive tool that organizes the various components of a business into six key areas. By understanding this framework, participants will gain a perspective essential for future C-Level executives:  

  • Developing a business mindset
  • Gaining a holistic view of the organization
  • Learning to solve problems using strategic thinking.

Additionally, we will delve into the CEO's mindset, focusing on empathy, culture-building, leadership, and delegation to name a few.

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Akshay A.

"Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring and insightful session, sir. It was truly an honour to listen to you. The framework you shared is just spectacular and I look forward to using it on a daily basis."

Elizabeth C.

"I recently graduated from USF with an MBA and I am going through the job hunting journey. Your presentation Think and Talk Business to Land a Job was beyond helpful! Thank you!"

Karan G.

"Hi Rushab. I prepared for my interview today using The Business 360 Framework. It was super helpful, especially when they asked why I wanted to work for their company, which I easily answered thanks to you."

Workshop # 2

Superpowers: Standout During Networking & Interviewing

In this immersive workshop, MBA and Masters students will be equipped with tools, frameworks and strategies to effectively discover, articulate and market their strengths in the professional world.

They will learn how to identify their accomplishments, highlight their transferable skills, and position themselves as a valuable asset to prospective employers.

Students will also learn how to refine their personal brand, and create a compelling narrative that captivates hiring managers and sets them apart from the competition.

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Josephine Z.

"Rushab you are a talented public speaker and you thoroughly understand business. More importantly, you taught us a complicated concept in a very understandable way. I really resonated with your strategies on networking. Even my classmates said your presentation was remarkable because we don't ever learn to see the big picture."

Souman B.

"Hi Rushab, I think your presentation was really wonderful, especially the framework. I had been watching Shark Tank for a long time but never thought of it using your framework. It was really enlightening for me. Hopefully, we can have you for an entire day in future sessions. Thank you for coming in and sharing your insights with us!"

Rohini A.

"Hi Rushab, I enjoyed your session and especially your framework. Your insights related to networking was very useful. I always felt it was challenging on how to connect when networking and that the other person doesn’t take it in transactional way. Your case study example is very helpful. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts."

Workshop # 3

Speak With Impact: Mastering Business Communications

In this dynamic workshop, MBA and Masters students are empowered to become confident, influential speakers. They will learn effective presentation techniques to make a lasting impact in the business world.

Through interactive exercises, participants will learn speaking exercises that will help them command the stage and the networking room with poise, and confidence.

Students will embark on this powerful journey to master the art of business communication and unlock their potential as confident and impactful communicators.

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Odalys M.

"Hi Rushab, Thank you for your presentation at Baruch! I really think the art of talking business should be taught in a full semester course. It's really important. I liked The Business 360 Framework as I think it focuses on a critical skill-gap many MBA students have. Again, thank you!"

Niklas M.

"Hi Rushab, appreciate your insights from the workshop earlier today! Very cool to now know a Drexel Alumni that accomplished as much as you! I've already been practicing with the framework and it's been quite eye-opening. I love how you talked about preparing for your 30 second pitch using your 6 Board Members of Business."

Vivian H.

"I have always struggled and felt overwhelmed when I have to talk about myself in an interview. Your workshop really sheds lights on how I can improve my interview skills by utilizing your framework's method. I have worked with some career coaches before but none of them addressed this challenging area like you did. You are amazing and thank you again."

Add-On Workshops

Pair Add-On Workshops With Full Workshops 

  1. How To Navigate Career Change
  2. How To Impress When Networking
  3. Leveraging LinkedIn To Network & Standout
  4. Building Grit: Growth Mindset & Peak Performance
  5. International Students: Navigating American Professional Culture 

The add-on sessions can be paired with specific full-workshops and will be 30-45 minutes in length. 

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Kimbrelyn Austin

Director - Texas A&M Mays School of Business

"We appreciate you sharing Business 360 Framework with our Mays MBA students. Thank you for making time to travel to College Station and present to us at Texas A&M University - Mays Business School! On a personal note, I look forward to testing my own business skills using your framework tool while I'm watching Shark Tank!"


The Business 360 Framework‚ĄĘ

The Business 360 Framework™ is a blueprint that separates and organizes the components of business into 6 buckets, thereby allowing the audience to connect-the-dots and easily build a business mindset. This framework has been introduced to Graduate Students for over a decade and has allowed them to:

  • Analyze any business
  • Discover their strengths
  • Impress when networking
  • Identify their fit to a company
  • Think Like a C-Level Executive

The Superpower 360 Framework

Most professionals have not performed a personal audit of their professional experience and accomplishments. Imagine being able to know everything you bring to the table. The Superpower 360 Framework will help job candidates identify their professional strengths, skills and its impact to any organization. Additionally, candidates will no longer have to worry what to put on their resume or how to align their experience with a job description.

The P.E.P Framework

Students are often asked:

  • "Tell me about yourself"¬†
  • "Why should we hire you?"¬†
  • "What do you do?"¬†

...and other variations of that question. Each of these questions often require specific answers. The P.E.P Framework helps students develop key statements that can be used in any order to answer all of these questions.

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Anushree R.

"Hi Rushab! Your workshop was one of my favorites during orientation and certainly made me think about how to best network with people. Everyone I spoke with found the framework and the networking tops very useful. In fact, my group used the framework for our very first case we got the next day. Thank you again for a wonderful presentation!"

Vedant M.

"Hi Rushab! I enjoyed attending your virtual workshop today. Thank you for your time. I'm actively recruiting with start-ups post-MBA, & also having informational conversations with INSEAD alumni. Your Business 360 Framework will definitely help guide my future conversations. Looking forward to staying connected. Thank you again!"

Sonia G.

"Hi Rushab, my name is Sonia. Amazing presentation on the Think Business 360 talk you did for Santa Clara Univeristy today! Your methodologies and examples got me thinking in a very different mindset on how to land a job. Would love to stay connected and reach out sometime! Thank you so much!"

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