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We talk with Melanie Whitney about how conscious and meaningful conversations and connections can propel professionals forward. The art of articulating a message and effectively communicating it stems from self-awareness and empathy. In order to succeed in business and in life, there's no greater currency than communication.


We bring back Karan Nijhawan to talk about a very unique and effective way to network. It’s called Human Connection Dinners. We discuss how these dinners can be used to close sales and get clients, and he explains the clear distinction between a Human Connection Dinner and a standard “dinner meeting” or networking event.


We talk with Karan Nijhawan, the Founder of JUBE consulting. We discuss solopreneurship... essentially one-person businesses. Karan provides some amazing insights and strategies for any aspiring and established solopreneur.


We talk with career strategist and founder of Supercharge, Sonal Bahl. Sonal comes with two decades of HR & Recruiting experience in 3 continents and coaching clients globally. She is a master at helping people with job search, job placement, brand improvement and salary negotiations.

We talk with the CEO & Founder of Little Bee Books, Shimul Tolia. Shimul's story is unique in that she started in the publishing industry and worked her way up to become the CEO of a large publishing house...only to become an entrepreneur. What's even more fascinating is hearing the purpose-driven mission behind Little Bee Books and the amazing impact her company is having on people, specifically our youth. Many dream to leave their 9 to 5 and become their own boss. Listen to Shimul's story and the great things her company is doing.


We continue our conversation with social media strategist Katie Brinkley. We will discuss the new social media platform, Clubhouse, and the ways businesses are using it to attract customers and grow.


We talk with social media strategist Katie Brinkley. We dive into best practices to leverage social media content, posting strategies, trends, and how Instagram specifically can be used for your business. 


We continue our conversation with Omar Mo, the CEO and Founder of Nomads Cast. Omar shares the secret in getting "Big Name" guests on your Podcast. He discusses clever ways to monetize your content. Additionally, we explore common digital marketing mistakes.


We speak with Omar Mo, the CEO and Founder of Nomads Cast. Omar will explain what a digital nomad is, who this lifestyle is for, as well as using podcasting as the central core to content marketing.


We continue our conversation with Mike Manoske, an International Coaching Federation certified career coach. In this episode, we discuss important tips to help the modern job candidate attack the interview process.



We speak with Mike Manoske, an International Coaching Federation certified career coach. In part one of this episode, we discuss the numerous services and resources Mike provides to thousands of job candidates that have helped them prepare for interviews, land jobs, and negotiate salaries.

We talk about how the large container vessel, the Ever Given, stopped global trade by blocking the Suez Canal. We will use the Think Business approach and discuss the economical global fallout caused by the Suez Canal being shut down.

How can one vessel blocking one of the most important trade arteries in the world have such a large impact on global trade costing companies billions of dollars?


This week's episode is a bonus continuation from Episode 10. Billy Thorpe breaks down how traditional businesses can leverage Podcasting. Billy also discusses the hybrid podcasting model (video and audio).

Podcasting has become mainstream and a great platform for entrepreneurs and thought leaders to share their message. On Episode 10 of the Business 360 Podcast, we talk with Billy Thorpe, founder of Copilot Studios to discuss everything anyone should know about Podcasting. Billy's company provides advisory services to entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up a Podcast to amplify their brand and service offerings.


YouTube is the second most visited website in the world with 2 billion monthly users. The power of YouTube, specifically for businesses is astonishing. Because YouTube is owned by Google, it acts as a search engine, flexing its reach. On Episode 9 of the Business 360 Podcast, we talk to Brandee Sweesy, a YouTube marketing expert.

The cost of manufacturing or building a product has always been a hurdle for businesses. The smart solution to overcome this is Private Labeling. With private labeling, it doesn't matter if you are a large company or a solopreneur, you can sell almost any type of product under your own brand...without having to spend the money to make it.

In this episode, we talk with Vinay Krishnani on how he operates as a solopreneur and private labeler.


Many doctors face burnout and exhaustion. Some have left the medical industry and started businesses outside of their field of expertise. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Rikin Patel, a doctor who left his practice as a result of burnout and co-founded a company, which he successfully exited.


Many entrepreneurs looking to become owners find franchises attractive because of the support they may receive from the Franchisor. The common belief is that franchises are easier to operate, but is that really true? In Episode 6, we talk with Sonny Singh, who went through an entire life cycle of purchasing a franchise to exiting one.

Those who had stepped away from Corporate America find difficulty getting back in. Reasons for taking time away range from starting a family, to pursuing entreprneurial endeavors to traveling the world experiencing new cultures. What Corporate America should know is that these individuals gain significant skills while away. I call them Untapped Talent.

In this episode, we will discuss Untapped Talent and interview Carol Camerino, who has a consulting practice that helps these gifted individuals to get back into the workforce.


In this episode, we talk to Pratik Patel, who sold his business - RideKleen - to a multibillion-dollar organization - Cox Automotive. We discuss what a founder goes through during the acquisition process...and why it's not all "Rainbows and Sunshine"


Executive Culture, which encompasses Diversity and Inclusion is integral to any company's success. We interview Carolynn Johnson, the CEO of Diversity Inc., to talk about how she has showcased Executive Leadership and Culture not only in her company but to Fortune 200 companies as well.

With what is going in the world due to the Pandemic, and businesses being adversely affected, the SBA (or the Small Business Administration) has become a core focus for many these struggling business that are or were looking for relief. Let's take a look at the SBA and what its role is and should be. We'll also interview the District Director of the SBA (Edward Haddock) who will shed some important light on how entrepreneurs can take of resources provided by the SBA!


The Pandemic has significantly hurt the restaurant industry, leaving millions unemployed. Rushab will interview Evan Tepper, a restaurant entrepreneur, who was adversely affected by the Pandemic. We'll also discuss the top 5 reasons why restaurants fail, followed by Q&A.

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A Community For Entrepreneurs

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